Playing Piano


Daniel Nieberg (b. 1999) is a music composer currently studying towards a BM in Composition at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. Coming from San Diego, California, he has experienced an upbringing rich in diversity and opportunities in multiple mediums of media.

Having previously composed for short films and video games, Daniel is well equipped to take on any musical project presented to him. He is fluent in multiple DAWs and has experience in FMOD. He specializes in writing classical music but has plenty of experience in jazz, pop, and other genres too. Whether you need music for a video game, movie, concert, or anything else, he is more than ready to deliver.

Daniel's love for music and the arts drives every one of his projects. If you have any questions, requests, or would like to just say hi, feel free to contact him. It would make his day.


Compositions for Media

As someone who has grown up in a world of ever-evolving entertainment, Daniel has not just a deep understanding, but a passion for films and video games. His experience in these fields is always increasing and his ideas are always expanding. Listen to what he has to offer.

Playing Video Games

Compositions for Concert

Daniel has extensive experience writing classical music to be played by live musicians. From writing pieces for small chamber groups to writing works for large orchestras, he is able to provide versatile music to be appreciated by anyone. Listen to what he has to offer.

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